Durbiano 4.0

Who we are

The Durbiano srl company was founded in Rivoli in 1922 on the initiative of Ettore Durbiano who, assisted by his three children, began the production of wooden boxes for packaging.
In 1960 the company moved its headquarters to the current site in the industrial area of Cascine Vica and in the early 1980s integrated production by expanding the range of shipping packaging with the manufacture of cardboard boxes.
Thanks to the know-how gained and the quality of its products, Durbiano srl is also able to establish itself on foreign markets with the Plibox boxes by activating distributors of its products in the main European countries and approving new packaging models for the transport of dangerous goods.

The staff


Types of industrial packaging

  • Plibox folding crates in plywood

  • UN approved containers for dangerous goods

  • Plitec folding crates with metal tabs for quick closure

  • Unified format cardboard boxes with integrated pallet

  • High resistance cardboard boxes in customized formats

  • Foldable A / R packaging

  • Modular containers stackable to return and / or from warehouse

  • Traditional and pressed wood pallets Industrial packaging for heavy machinery with external stowage service




The Company also distributes ecological filling materials, provides consultancy for special packaging and assistance for the shipment of dangerous goods.
Durbiano srl is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard and as a Packer for dangerous goods.