Dangerous goods shipment service

Shipping dangerous goods

Our company is a reliable partner for organising the shipment  of dangerous goods  of any kind and by all transport methods.


In this field, ee are one of the longest-operating companies in Italy

Since 1922, Durbiano has been engaged in the production of packaging and containers for the shipment of all types of materials, from the most resistant goods to the most delicate products, including the handling of substances and materials that are classified as dangerous and goods which are highly flammable or noxious to humans or the environment. Throughout its many years in operation, the company has experienced continuous upgrading and growth which in 1960 led to the opening of its efficient production facility in Cascine Vica, a suburb of Rivoli. Since then it has become an industry leader in the province of Turin and it is today one of the most important packaging companies in the country.


Materials and consulting for safe and reliable shipping

Alongside the traditional production of packaging products with a range of diversified operational features and specifications, today our company offers a planning consultation service for goods shipments. Our company staff are available to assist customers, making available their extensive experience in the completely safe handling of goods which are classified by the UN under the following subcategories:

  • gas;
  • inflammable liquids;
  • inflammable solids;
  • fuels;
  • toxic substances;
  • radioactive substances;
  • corrosive substances.
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