Packaging dangerous goods
Packaging dangerous goods

Folding crates for all dangerous goods

Plitec  plywood folding crates were approved according to UN regulations covering the transportation of dangerous goods according to particularly strict prescriptions, for which they have obtained the qualification of “ Special Packaging ” ” as specified in paragraph of the "Dangerous Goods Regulations "published by IATA.

These packages are thus certified for shipping all hazardous materials,  with the sole exception of classes 1-.6.2 and 7, with the use of any type of inner container   and by any means of transport .

They are easy to use, thanks to special quick access metal tabs,  the packaging operations are fast and secure.

As they are entirely made of plywood (5 layer 6 mm thickness), they are exempt   from antiparasitic treatmentsrequired for other traditional packaging, hence they perfectly comply with ISPM15/FAO regulations.

Our staff members are IATA certified and are available to provide a consultation and assist with the preparation and issue of documentation required for the shipment of your dangerous goods.

Packing dangerous goods

Folding cartes made of Special plywood

Plitec 02 38x28x38 UN/4DV/X20/S/-/I/SSSCP 00500-13/DUR PLI2 20 4,1
Plitec 03 58x38x38 UN/4DV/X35/S/-/I/SSSCP 00498-13/DUR PLI3 35 6,3
Plitec 05 78x58x58 UN/4DV/X80/S/-/I/SSSCP 00499-13/DUR PLI5 80 12,5
Plitec 06 118x78x58 UN/4DV/X130/S/-/I/SSSCP 00501-13/DUR PLI6 130 31,7

Safe Pak

SafePak dangerous goods packaging

Double-wall high strength cardboard boxes

The Safe pak solution is always in stock, easy to dispose and used like normal cardboard boxes; so for shipments to China, Australia etc. pesticide treatments are not required.
The quality of the raw materials and their conformity to approval certificates  are guaranteed by the international brand "David S Smith Tri-Wall"

Packaging approvals service

Regulation compliant packaging

These packages have been approved to UN standards for the shipment of dangerous goods according to particularly stringent tests and have obtained the qualification of “"Special Packaging"as specified in paragraph of the “"Dangerous Goods Regulations"  compiled by IATA. With the exception of classes 1 - 6.2 - 7, they are certified for the shipment of all hazardous materials, with ’use of any type of inner container  and by all means of transport.

Regulation compliant dangerous goods packaging
Packaging for dangerous goods

Packaging for dangerous goods

Imballaggio materiale infiammabile

All dangerous goods  must undergo special packaging  for transportation, to ensure public safety and adequate protection of the product. Durbiano is a company in Rivoli in the province of Turin specialised in the development of industrial packaging in wood and cardboard.

A highly successful product range has been achived

In the 1990s, the company equipped itself to offer intelligent and reliable solutions to clients that needed to handle all types of dangerous goods. This is how the Specialbox series of UN approved packaging containers and cardboard boxes was created, with IATA approval for the shipping of dangerous goods using any type of transport means. Customers can choose from a range of different folding plywood crates, which can be easily stored in warehouses, and which can be assembled in just a few easy steps thanks to the special quick connection metal fasteners.

Reliable materials for international shipments

All Specialboxes are compliant with ISPM15/FAO regulations and are accepted by all countries that require packaging to undergo an anti-parasite treatment. The range of packaging containers and boxes for dangerous goods is completed by double-wall corrugated high-resistance cardboard boxes, perfect for shipments to countries that do not require anti-parasite treatments such as the United States. They are a practical solution given that after use they can be disposed of like normal cardboard boxes.


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