Turin Paltainers
Paltainer production Turin

This is a new concept  packaging system consisting of:

  • a double-wall corrugated cardboard box frame with special die cuts for attachment to the pallet
  • a four-way pallet made of wood conglomerate
  • four rigid plastic quick anchorage fasteners

which allow for a SAFE  and above all QUICK handling of freight containers


Two types of cardboard are available

  • STANDARD  quality for ordinary shipments and air freight
  • EXPORT  quality for heavy duty freight operations, it particularly suited to sea freight due to the moisture-proof adhesive employed.


Easy and practical

  • extremely practical with minimal bulk thanks to a special mating base platform.
  • standard sizes are available according to the relevant mode of transport
  • easy stowage of contents thanks to front loading
  • minimum assembly times thanks to special quick fasteneings


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