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Wooden packaging crates


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Wooden packaging crates allow for the transport and storage of fragile and precious goods, ensuring the total protection of the contained products. The packaging containers produced by Durbiano are carefully designed in terms of thickness, materials and fastening mechanisms, guaranteeing our customers maximum product protection by adapting their exact weight their durability and manoeuvrability according to logistic requirements.‚Äč

A simple, yet valuable product in logistics operations

That is why our staff responsible for designing wooden crates at Durbiano are always careful when selecting wood, so as to perfectly combine low weight with high resistance. The high quality raw materials are best used to develop practical and versatile containers such as Plibox, a patented collapsible system produced by our Turin company. In addition to standard crates, Durbiano also produces this innovative crate system which can be assembled with very little effort, also thanks to hook-fasteners that lock the base and lid to the side walls. Once used, Plibox crates can be dismantled and stacked to reduce warehouse bulk until they are needed again.


We employ solid materials that comply with international regulations

The computerised production process combined with the efficiency of our staff ensure that our customised wooden packaging crates are manufactured in line with customer specifications and with reliable quick delivery times. The wood used for crate production undergoes heat treatment and complies with international export standards.