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Folding crates for packaging


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Durbiano is a leading company in the production and sale of folding packing crates, designed to enhance warehouse container storage, minimising the inefficient use of valuable space. The system patented by Durbiano for the development of its collapsible crates is appreciated by Italian and international customers, thanks to its practicality.

Lightweight and durable containers

This company in Cascine Vica, an area in Rivoli near Turin, offers Plibox crates made from top quality wood and fitted with a fast anti-bulge fastening system. The eight different sizes are suitable for standard truck loading spaces and they are always available in stock for immediate delivery; thanks to the low specific weight of these boxes, it is possible to reduce transport costs. The fastening mechanisms are simple to use and ensure high structural strength so that they can withstand the bumps, pressures and stacking of large loads.


Numerous customisation options

Once dismantled, the different parts can be stacked, occupying a tenth of their packaging volume. The surfaces of the folding crates are treated to improve their appearance, and the smooth walls are particularly suitable for printing, adhesives and graphics for those customers who wish to personalise their containers. Crates are also treated to withstand moisture and heat, even in the event of long-term storage. All Durbiano packaging products undergo heat and fumigation treatments, in full compliance with international export standards.