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Industrial Packaging


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We study, design and manufacture all large sized packaging for shipping heavy machinery and complete equipment lines to all destinations and by means of all types of transport.

For the safety of the contained materials, persons and the environment.

Types of packaging with supporting bases:

  • Traditional crates in spruce board
  • Crates with internal support frames in water resistant plywood
  • Crates
  • Platforms and skids for handling during overland transport
  • Protection saddles and fixtures for fastening to platforms and containers

Available services:

  • Sole supply of packaging material
  • Packaging and stowage by our skilled staff
  • Chemical protection using barrier bags, dehydration salts and special paper

Everything to guarantee the very best protection against bumps and atmospheric agents and to ensure that handling and shipping operations executed in a safe and reliable manner.

This product range is manufactured according to reference specifications and in full compliance with ISPM 15 FAO regulations.


Production of industrial packaging

Industrial packaging  is  essential to protect goods during storage and transport operations. Durbiano, an industrial packaging company in Rivoli, near Turin, has for decades produced  containers made of wood and cardboard for the shipment of goods.

Our Plibox system invention

Our business, which is in constant growth, satisfies the demands of Italian companies especially those in the Provinces of Milan and Cuneo and it also operates overseas as a result of the success we have obtained with our patented Plibox container system. These folding boxes made of phenolic plywood are simple and quick to assemble, highly resistant to loads and bumps, they are easily "stackable" and come in eight standard formats in order to suit all types of products. In addition, they are moisture resistant and their low weight helps to reduce shipping costs.

Valid solutions for all types of goods

Durbiano also makes customised platforms and pallets, high resistance cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard packaging, wooden containers and crates as well as stackable, modular containers for warehousing and shelving. Our company specialises in the production of containers for dangerous goods which are approved and certified by the relevant authorised bodies. To complete our industrial packaging line, we also have a range of filler materials for padding containers when protecting fragile and valuable goods.