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Wooden packaging production


Farmed by WEBIDOO

We produce wooden containers that  offer maximum safety, guaranteeing easy handling, total protection of internal contents and high-level resistance against load weights and shocks during transit. Since 1922, Durbiano in Turin has produced and assembled wooden containers designed for the practical and safe packaging of all types of goods.

Container models for different uses

Durbiano's expert employees use modern machinery, applying all the experience necessary for the construction of high-quality packaging containers with proven resistance characteristics. Customers can select from the following products:

  • pallets;
  • custom-made base platforms
  • folding plywood crates;
  • cases and crates.

Our versatile service satisfies all requirements in terms of quality and quantity

All Durbiano packaging containers are produced using high-quality wood and certified techniques, guaranteeing sturdiness, load resistance, reduced tare weight and long life. Wooden pallets and crates are available in a range of standard sizes, compatible with lifting and handling machinery used by companies and storage warehouses. On request, Durbiano designers can prepare customised versions according to customer requirements, with variable structural formats, sizes and shapes. The continuous availability of standard containers makes it possible to guarantee ready-to-deliver products, even in the event of large orders.