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Standard and custom pallet collars


Farmed by WEBIDOO



designed for continuous use as genuine "reusable" packaging.


made from 20mm planed spruce wood. They have high resistance to lateral pressure and therefore, excellent containment characteristics.


containers of varying heights may be assembled.

Safe and Reliable

The non-deformability of the elements guarantees easy and safe storage.


Folding design

for a greater versatility and ease of use.

Standard size

they adapt to all pallets with base dimensions 120x100 cm, 80x60.

Customised sizes

We also manufacture to customer specifications.


for organised management of warehouse logistics.


HT treated according to international standard ISPM 15 FAO

Folding, modular and stackable elements for returnable or ex-warehouse delivery

Production of wooden pallet collars for packaging

The packaging market is experiencing a major expansion in the production of pallet collars which are very practical modular and stackable containers. Durbiano is a company based in Rivoli, Turin, which has worked with skill and passion in the packaging sector since 1922. Thanks to constant investment in the research and development of innovative products, the company has expanded its initial market in the provinces of Milan and Cuneo and now also exports internationally.

Less bulk and more packaging space

Some of the products worth mentioning include pallet collars, which thanks to their reliable and patented system, allow for the assembly of containers with varying heights. Our crates are made from high-quality wood, with state-of-the-art fastening systems and a solid structure, making them indestructible and reusable throughout extended lifetimes. These returnable packaging systems undergo HT treatment according to ISPM 15 FAO standards and can therefore be shipped to all countries. The crates are based on a collapsible  wall design for easy warehouse storage, but once assembled, they can hold a variety of contents, including heavyweight materials, thanks to their sturdy structure. Durbiano also produces returnable packaging, pallet collars and folding crates.

Highly customised production

In view of the strong market demand, Durbiano offers an excellent service for the production of collars based on customer specifications. The horizontal structure is modular, and beginning at the base, it adapts to the standard pallet size of 120 x 80, the height can be personalised with the addition of quick-coupling elements. The crushproof nature of the various elements allows for the stacking of multiple crates for easy warehouse storage.