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Cardboard boxes and packaging


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Durbiano is specialised in the production of high-quality, reliable cardboard boxes, backed by a vast experience accumulated over the years. The corrugated cardboard packaging is used not only for storage, but also for the handling and shipping of goods of all types.

Simple, yet indispensable products for packaging operations

The traditional cardboard box used for packaging was redesigned by Durbiano, our company located in Rivoli in the province of Turin, in order to satisfy the logistics needs of our customers. The new concept container consists of a double-wall corrugated cardboard frame with special die-cuts for mating with a four way pallet made in wood conglomerate. The box is supplied dismantled to reduce warehouse bulk and can be easily assembled thanks to the four anchorage couplings in rigid plastic, which guarantee strength and stability. These boxes are safe, resistant against knocks and impact during transit, hermetically sealed against dust and assure practicality thanks to the front loading door. The entire structure is made from environmentally friendly materials to simplify disposal after use.


Everything you need for quality packaging

Durbiano produces and sells cardboard boxes in standard and customised sizes, in corrugated and triple-wall corrugated cardboard. For the handling of particularly heavy or fragile loads, Durbiano also produces folding packaging crates made from wood and treated in accordance with international export standards.