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Services and Consulting

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Consultancy service for Dangerous Goods

Skilled and certified staff are on hand to provide suggestions and advice for the shipment of goods classified as dangerous, in compliance with the provisions of ADR, RID, ICAO-IATA and IMDG international regulations.​

Assistance for compilation of the Shipper's Declaration


Con i più aggiornati sistemi informatici, compilazione delle "shipper's declaration" per la spedizione di merci pericolose con semplificazione di tutte le operazioni di imbarco e sempre in perfetta regola con la norma.


Packaging and conditioning of dangerous goods


Qualified and constantly up-to-date staff can package your dangerous goods in perfect compliance with prevailing regulations, ready for shipment.​

Heat treatment of wooden packaging materials​

Construction of crates and cages for sea shipments

Our Technical Department is at your disposal for the study and implementation of your optimal goods packaging solution in perfect compliance with the current standards regarding heat treated (HT) or fumigated (MB) packaging materials​

and/or fumigation of wood packaging according to ISPM 15 FAO.
3rd party subcontract manufacturing of all sizes with immediate issue of certification.
Support for procedures required for obtaining the relevant sanitary certification, when required, from the relevant competent bodies.
To see the updated list of countries participating in the ISMP 15 FAO system please click qui

Approval of Crates and boxes to ONU standards for dangerous goods

Consultation for environmentally friendly protection and padding solutions

Ample choice of green materials for the packaging and the inner packing according to specific needs: Paper cushions, "recycled" cardboard, sealed air bags etc.​

in collaboration with the most qualified bodies accredited by the United Nations, UN approval procedures for packaging for dangerous goods, with positive and rapid outcomes​


Design and implemenation of Special Boxes and Cardboard packaing

The expertise gained by our technical staff in over 25 years of experience in the field of high-strength cardboard packaging ensures the solution with the best quality/price ratio, also for dangerous goods​